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Judge Frees Man From Rikers in Exceptional Decision Citing Bail and Jail Conditions (THE CITY and New York Focus, 9/21/22)

Tiffany Cabán Approves Major Astoria Housing Development, Bucking Trend Among Progressives (Gotham Gazette and New York Focus, 9/14/22)

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He Was Homeless, So the Judge Kept Him at Rikers (New York Focus, 1/3/22)

State Lawmakers Push to Scale Back Fossil Fuel Subsidies (The American Prospect and New York Focus, 12/23/21)

Hochul Signs Bill to Remove Barriers to Addiction Treatment (New York Focus, 12/23/21)

Insuring — And Ensuring — The Apocalypse (Daily Poster, 12/16/21)

Westchester Hospital Network To Shift Thousands of Retirees to Private Health Insurance (New York Focus, 12/3/21)

Foreclosure Looms for Homeowners Who Thought They’d Won, Thanks to Top New York Court Ruling (THE CITY and New York Focus, 11/29/21)

Hochul Nominates Former Prosecutor to New York’s Top Court (New York Focus, 11/24/21)

State Senators, including Democratic #2, ask Hochul to Nominate Public Defender to New York’s Top Court (New York Focus, 11/14/21)

A Year After Reforms Were Promised, People Leaving New York Jails and Prisons Still Lack IDs (City & State and New York Focus, 11/4/21)

Charges Filed Against Andrew Cuomo for Forcible Touching (Contributed reporting, New York Focus, 10/28/21)

Wall Street Goes West (Daily Poster, 10/26/21)

New York’s Excluded Workers Fund is Running Out of Cash (New York Focus, 10/6/21)

As Rikers Crisis Persists, Prosecutors Continue to Request High Bail (New York Focus, 9/24/21)

Senate #2 Joins Mounting Opposition to Hochul’s Pick for Top Financial Regulator (New York Focus, 9/14/21)

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The Las Vegas D.A. Is Seeking the Death Penalty More Than Nearly Any Other (The Appeal, 5/19/21)

In Rochester, a Police Alternative Delivers…Police (In These Times 4/28/21, print May 2021)

What Made it into the Budget — and What Was Left Out (New York Focus, 4/7/21)

Legislature Seeks to End “Arbitrary Limit” on Medicaid Spending (New York Focus, 3/29/21)

In an Upstate Jail, Incarcerated People Struggle to Access Promised Addiction Treatment (Filter and New York Focus, 3/26/21)

Chicago Socialists Led the Way in Expanding Undocumented Immigrant Protections (Jacobin, 3/12/21)

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Illinois the Latest State to End Driver’s License Suspensions That Fuel Inequality (Filter, 3/1/21)

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‘Enough Is Enough’: How a New York Coalition Is Pushing Lawmakers to Raise the State’s Revenue (The Progressive, 1/13/21)

NY Restricts Driver’s License Suspensions That Criminalize Poverty (Filter, 1/7/21)


Mayor Issues Ultimatum on Retiree Health Care, Seeking End to Standoff (THE CITY and New York Focus, 10/31/22)

Adams and Unions Strike Deal on Shift to Cost-Cutting Medicare Plan (THE CITY and New York Focus, 9/8/22)

Medicare Standoff Threatens Cuts to Current City Workers’ Benefits (THE CITY and New York Focus, 8/10/22)

Health Insurers Just Killed The Medicare Plan City Retirees Railed Against (THE CITY and New York Focus, 7/19/22)

City Employee Health Plan Could Switch to Lower-Cost Company Under New Proposal (THE CITY and New York Focus, 6/16/22)

Retired NYC Workers Celebrate Medicare Switch Court Win (THE CITY and New York Focus, 3/3/22)

Judge Orders City to Delay Retiree Health Care Switch Until April 1 (THE CITY and New York Focus, 12/14/21)

New York City Mailed Misinformation on New Health Insurance to Retired City Employees — and Won’t Send Out a Correction (New York Focus, 12/9/21)

Retired City Workers Voice Opposition to New City Health Plan in Chaotic Public Hearing (New York Focus, 11/11/21)

Court Blocks Controversial Medicare Switch for Retired NYC Workers (New York Focus, 10/22/21)

Retirees Flee City Medicare Program as Deadline Looms for Move to Private Health Plan (THE CITY and New York Focus, 10/20/21)

A New Day For Workers’ Rights (Daily Poster, 8/26/21)

In New York City, Retirees Brace for Switch to Privatized Health Care (The Intercept and New York Focus, 8/19/21)

Retired City Workers Recoil at Coming Cost-Saving Medicare Shift (THE CITY and New York Focus, 4/21/21)

On Unions, a Gap Between Biden’s Words and Actions (Daily Poster, 4/14/21)

The Grassroots Battle to Change America’s Labor Laws (Daily Poster, 4/12/21)

Queens Public Defenders Win Unionization Vote (New York Focus, 3/11/21)

Queens Defenders Fires Two Pro-Union Employees (Queens Daily Eagle and New York Focus, 2/11/21)

Queens Public Defenders Push to Unionize. Management Calls Them a “Mob.” (THE CITY and New York Focus, 1/7/21)


Has Anyone Told the Brooklyn Democratic Party There’s an Election Next Week? (New York Focus, 11/2/21)

Forged Signatures Found on Petitions for Candidates Backed by Queens Machine (New York Focus, 6/28/22)

Nursing Home Industry Cozies Up to Hochul, Disclosures Reveal (THE CITY and New York Focus, 6/7/22)

Corporate Campaign Donors Identify Themselves after New York Focus Nudge (THE CITY and New York Focus 5/12/22)

An Upper East Side Assembly Candidate is Brazenly Violating Campaign Finance Law (New York Focus, 4/25/22)

State Board of Elections Begins Enforcing Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws (New York Focus, 3/11/22)

Hochul Campaign Donors Blow Past Corporate Contribution Limits (THE CITY and New York Focus (3/2/22)

More Than Three Thousand Campaigns Violated Campaign Finance Law. The State Board of Elections Brought Enforcement Actions Against Zero (New York Focus, 2/25/22)

DA Candidate Vows to End Death Sentences In Las Vegas, a Capital Punishment Stronghold (Bolts, 2/14/22)

Hochul Leads Pack of Candidates Who Fail to Disclose Sources of Corporate Cash (THE CITY and New York Focus, 2/9/22)

Amid Intraparty Conflict, Brooklyn Democrats Issue Judgeship Recommendations (New York Focus, 8/5/21)

Up and Down The Ballot, Progressives Score Wins in Western New York (Daily Poster and New York Focus, 7/20/21)

Democratic Party Boss Obstructed India Walton’s Underdog Candidacy, Walton Says (New York Focus, 6/28/21)

How Progressives Could Lose New York’s Mayor’s Race—but Win the City (The Nation and New York Focus, 6/21/21)

On NYPD Oversight, Manhattan’s DA Candidates Are Split (The Appeal and New York Focus, 6/17/21)

Manhattan DA Candidate Tali Weinstein Skipped Years of Voting in Local Elections, Records Show (THE CITY and New York Focus, 6/14/21)

A Manhattan DA Candidate Touts Her Leadership of a Conviction Review Unit. Why Did It Exonerate So Few People? (The Appeal and New York Focus, 5/17/21)

How Pittsburgh Activists are Seizing a Rare Chance to Reshape Courts (The Appeal, 4/29/21)

Thousands of New Yorkers are in Prison for Life. These D.A. Candidates Want to Change That (The Appeal and New York Focus, 4/28/21)

“It Damages Democracy:” Watchdogs, Reporters, Slam “Non-Functional” Board of Elections Campaign Finance Website (Sludge and New York Focus, 3/9/21)

In Manhattan D. A. Race, Momentum Builds to Decriminalize Sex Work (The Appeal and New York Focus, 3/4/21)

“Vegas Is an Amazing Place For Progressives” (Daily Poster, 3/4/21)

Dysfunctional NYC Elections Board Staffed Through Pay-to-Play System (Sludge, 2/15/21)

Will Manhattan’s Next D.A. “Break Ranks” With Tough on Crime Colleagues? (The Appeal and New York Focus, 2/2/21)

Tali Farhadian Weinstein’s Run for Manhattan D.A. Fueled By Wall St Megadonors, Filings Show (New York Focus, 1/21/21)

A Democratic Socialist Will Soon Be Sworn in as Judge in Las Vegas (Jacobin, 12/26/20)

How Public Defenders Rocked Las Vegas Judicial Elections (The Appeal, 12/21/20)

The Election that Could Thwart New York City’s War on Drugs (The Appeal and New York Focus, 12/17/21)

Many New York Judges Spend Their Way Toward Seats on the Bench. And It’s Perfectly Legal (THE CITY and New York Focus, 12/9/20)

Inside the NYC Democratic Socialists’ Powerhouse Electoral Machine (Jacobin and New York Focus, 10/12/20)


Socialist Elected Officials Are Changing the Way New York State Politics Are Done (Jacobin, 4/1/21)

Janos Marton: The Criminal Justice System in New York City Is “Rotten” (Jacobin, 12/7/20)

State Senate Candidate Jabari Brisport on Animal Rights: ‘It’s Also an Attempt to Uplift the Human Value’  (BK Reader, 6/20/20)

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