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Court Blocks Controversial Medicare Switch for Retired NYC Workers (New York Focus, 10/22/21)

Retirees Flee City Medicare Program as Deadline Looms for Move to Private Health Plan (THE CITY and New York Focus, 10/20/21)

A New Day For Workers’ Rights (Daily Poster, 8/26/21)

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Queens Defenders Fires Two Pro-Union Employees (Queens Daily Eagle and New York Focus, 2/11/21)

Queens Public Defenders Push to Unionize. Management Calls Them a “Mob.” (THE CITY and New York Focus, 1/7/21)


Amid Intraparty Conflict, Brooklyn Democrats Issue Judgeship Recommendations (New York Focus, 8/5/21)

Up and Down The Ballot, Progressives Score Wins in Western New York (Daily Poster and New York Focus, 7/20/21)

Democratic Party Boss Obstructed India Walton’s Underdog Candidacy, Walton Says (New York Focus, 6/28/21)

How Progressives Could Lose New York’s Mayor’s Race—but Win the City (The Nation and New York Focus, 6/21/21)

On NYPD Oversight, Manhattan’s DA Candidates Are Split (The Appeal and New York Focus, 6/17/21)

Manhattan DA Candidate Tali Weinstein Skipped Years of Voting in Local Elections, Records Show (THE CITY and New York Focus, 6/14/21)

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“It Damages Democracy:” Watchdogs, Reporters, Slam “Non-Functional” Board of Elections Campaign Finance Website (Sludge and New York Focus, 3/9/21)

In Manhattan D. A. Race, Momentum Builds to Decriminalize Sex Work (The Appeal and New York Focus, 3/4/21)

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Socialist Elected Officials Are Changing the Way New York State Politics Are Done (Jacobin, 4/1/21)

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